Activating Catalytic Transformation

Mission Statement

Activating Catalytic Transformation (ACT) is a practitioner-driven school and staff transformation model that builds the shared leadership capacity of a school community to identify and solve its own challenges.

ACT firmly addresses the fundamental challenge of providing quality learning for all—rigorous and relevant personalized learning for students, clinical personalized learning for all staff, the principal serving as the lead learner of the school, and the community engaged in sharing their passions, skills, and expertise with the students and staff.

ACT lifts every learner, teacher, leader and community member to build their own skills and competencies in order to solve a collaboratively identified Problem of Practice through a Theory of Action. The Theory of Action backmaps from desired student outcomes to the actions that each team member identifies and commits to in order to solve the identified challenge.

The Activating Catalytic Transformation supports school teams as a cohort through five key workstreams: facilitative coaching, networking, mentoring, clinical professional learning and micro-credentialing.

The info-graphic below depicts the continual process the ACT school communities engage in as they identify the Problem of Practice and develop and implement a Theory of Action that incorporates the five key work streams