Update 12-19-17

Accountability Update 

If you were unable to attend the Assessment & Accountability Summit in Hazard on September 27th, you can view each session by topic and access documents shared by each KDE presenter at this Holler link.  Topics included an Accountability Model Overview & Deep Dive by Rhonda Sims and Jennifer Stafford, EOC Field Test Development Update in Algebra II by Krista Hall and English II by Jamee Barton, Science Summative Assessment Overview & Update by Sean Elkins, Standards Revision Overview & Update by Karen Kidwell, Planning for 17-18 Science TCTs by Chris Bentley, Transition Readiness by Michael Hackworth and Employability Skills Attainment for Alternate Assessment by Jill Griffith and Kevin O’Hair.

Since the Summit in September, KDE actively sought final public comments and gathered this feedback into a Statement of Consideration to advise continued revisions to the proposed model.  The Statement of Consideration was presented to the state board on December 5th in a working session.  The board meeting can be viewed here.  Kentucky’s Accountability System Regulation (703 KAR 5:270) was revised from feedback received in the Statement of Consideration.

This past Thursday, December 14th, District Assessment Coordinators had the opportunity to learn the most recent updates from the Office of Assessment and Accountability.   The December DAC Webcast PowerPoint was made available and an updated Transition Readiness document was included for clarification of changes since October.  The December DAC Webcast may be viewed here.  Transition Readiness had the most significant changes with one notable change including the removal of Military Readiness.  View the DAC Webcast PowerPoint and Transition Readiness document above to see additional changes.  See below for the tentative Accountability System Regulation timeline we can expect.

  • December 15 – File SOC(Statement of Consideration) with LRC(Legislative Research Commission)
  • January 2018 – Regulation added to ARRS(Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee) Agenda
  • February 2018 – Referred to 2nd LRC Committee for Review
  • March 2018 – Regulation will be final


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