Update 5-8-18

Accountability Update

Interim Commissioner Wayne Lewis along with Associate Commissioner Rhonda Sims and Division Director Jennifer Stafford shared recent accountability updates to Superintendents on May 8th.  Follow this link to view the archived webcast.  Use these links for the accompanying PowerPoint, most recent Accountability at a Glance and Transition Readiness documents.  The Department of Education received notification of approval from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for the April 11th submitted ESSA plan.  703 KAR 5:270 accountability regulation moved through the legislative session with no deficiencies found in committee on February 26th.  The legislative research commission has not posted the final copy, but the edited version is accessible at the previous link.

See below for notable items shared in the accountability webcast on May 8th.

  • No stars will be reported in the Fall school report card, but planned for Fall of 2019.
  • School Report Card is due for a tentative release by November.
  • Student KPREP results will be released as usual in early August with the exception of Science, which will likely be delayed due to standards setting.
  • Schools classified as needing comprehensive support and improvement(CSI) or targeted support and improvement(TSI) will be identified in the Fall. (See slides 9-12 of attached PowerPoint for further description)
  • 4-year graduation rate will be used for CSI and TSI placement along with other indicators outlined in the attached Accountability at a Glance document.
  • Standard setting for TSI and CSI placement will happen in late August or early September.
  • ACT Reading and Math subscores will be used for high school accountability for this transition year due to the lack of high school assessments.
  • The college admissions exam request for proposal has already closed with an expected release of choice by July 1st.
  • A proposal to the State Board of Education for a rubric to score the Rich Curriculum component of Opportunity and Access is not expected until next Spring.  Commissioner expressed some concern about how to measure.
  • Weights for different components of accountability system are not finalized, but ESSA requirement is 50% of weight is on Proficiency and Graduation Rate combined.  Reference pg. 73 from state ESSA plan.
  • Revision of graduation requirements was mentioned as having a possible affect on accountability system.
  • Recent standards review will not likely produce altered assessments this coming year, but may more realistically affect 2019-2020 assessments.
  • On-line assessments were mentioned as going well with this year’s EOC field test and a likely reality beyond EOCs in the near future that would allow quicker turnaround for assessment results.

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