Using the “Gallery Walk” as Formative Assessments

Collaborative Learning

Many students feel the subjects we teach can be boring. When students are presented with all the materials and objectives for a unit, they can be overwhelmed. To formatively assess students, Teachers at MCHS will sometimes use a gallery walk.  The gallery walk allows students to be up and out of their chairs for a more interactive activity.  They also feel less pressure because the activity allows the students to work together and combine their knowledge.

One of our English Teachers takes the following approach, when using a gallery walk: Students separate into pairs or even a group of three in certain situations. Movie quotes or song lyrics are placed on the walls with each one representing a literary element/poetic device or grammar mistakes.  Students then are required to circle the room, analyze the quote, and determine the element/device or mistake.   By being up and out of their desks, they are actively engaged and by adding the element of competition, students become even more interested in the game.  When students have had the chance to review every quote, we work through them as a class and discuss the element or mistake.  Their responses allow me to determine where they are in understanding the content and where we need to go next in the lesson.

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