Breathitt County Schools Performance Event

Breathitt High School has recently added AP Computer Science Principles to it’s list of advanced placement courses students can choose to take for optional college credit upon successful completion. Through AdvanceKY, teachers receive quarterly training to provide students with this exceptional opportunity within the security of their high school classrooms. Above, the AP CSP class is taking instruction from District IT employee Byron Johnson on how to manually change the screen to a student’s Chromebook™. Breathitt currently has a one-to-one student / device ratio with student laptops, and now with approximately 800 students, assisting with the replacement of broken/faulty screens has not only allowed the IT department to handle additional issues that arise concerning school networking and computers, but has allowed us the opportunity to have a hand in getting students devices fixed and back to them for classroom use in a much quicker manner. While every student clearly can’t practice the skill on a daily basis, utilizing a shoulder partner technique, a ‘brain and pencil’ example, or even a “Quiz the teacher” method during the process has proven very effective in that the class has changed over 25 screens (to date) with 100% success.

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