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As educators we are focused more than ever on narrowing the achievement gap. The gap between student populations of varying demographics, such as minority, economically disadvantaged, learning-disabled, or students with language barriers is continuing to widen despite recent efforts. We believe the opportunity for the relevance of assessment in learning is here and most of all assessment practice focused at the school and classroom level. Assessment is inherently a skilled tool that can be honed by the professional teacher to not only assess learning, but to motivate learning. In this manner, assessment becomes a fundamental part of teaching and is made most useful by the assessment literate teacher. The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative offers this site as a resource and place to collaborate as colleagues to better understand our evolving accountability system and to better our ability to use assessment for learning.

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Accountability Updates

Update 2-21-19

Update 1-1-19

The Kentucky Board of Education reviewed recommended changes to the Accountability System at this past December’s meeting.  Proposed changes were considered as a 1st reading for items related to growth, transition readiness, and GAP. Growth Growth will likely see the greatest changes.  Commissioner Lewis authorized establishment of a Growth Indicator Work Group with the charge to consider […]

Update 11-5-18

10th grade reading & math field test, 11th grade science and 11th grade on-demand writing will all be administered on-line this school year. 11th grade ACT will be administered on the following dates: Standard Time Initial Test Date – March 12, 2019 Accommodations Testing Window – March 12-15, 18-22, 25-26, 2019 Standard Time Makeup Test Date – April 24, […]