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I am a photographer passionate about sharing the stories of people from the Appalachian region. I have built a successful part time photography career focusing on musicians as well as portrait photography. I began photography because I wanted an outlet to express my own feelings and emotions through something I could physically see. I would be happy to share these notions with our youth as well as provide them information regarding camera basics, subject selection,  lighting techniques, editing tips, social media advertising, and more. Thank you for implementing this program as I have two young children enrolled in Lawerence County schools, and feel that non traditional learning is just as important as classroom education.

Thank you so much,

Melissa of Melissa Stilwell Photography LLC

Contact Info: [email protected]


Louisa, 41230

Social Media:

(instagram account)

Organization: Melissa Stilwell Photography –

Visual artistry

Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12

Expertise: Visual Art, Digital Media

Possible Connections: Guest Speaker, Judge Student Competition, Collaborate on a Class Project

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